Chris Harrison Watches ‘The Bachelor’ With His Tween Daughter Because It Helps Them Have The Tough Conversations

Sep 21, 2016 at 11:02 am |

Some valuable life lessons happening!

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Life lessons from Bachelor in Paradise, who knew?! Show host Chris Harrison recently revealed that while he’s in paradise with a bunch of singles trying to find a love match, he’s not only working, but also enjoying a family vacation.

And while most of us wouldn’t want our kids to learn anything about love from a reality show, he admits that it’s helped him have some real conversations with his 12 year old daughter.

Instagram / @chrisbharrison

Credit: Instagram / @chrisbharrison

Chris Harrison reveals that watching Bachelor in Paradise with his 12 year old daughter helps him have very real discussions about relationships.

How has watching 'The Bachelor' helped him parent?