Chrissy Teigen Dresses Luna Up For Halloween In Beyond Adorable Costumes

Oct 28, 2016 at 11:17 am |


There is nothing more exciting than your child’s first few Halloweens! From about the age of 18 until the time I welcomed my first son, Halloween always made me feel a little awkward and ridiculous. Sure, I know a lot of adults love dressing up in costumes and hitting Halloween parties, but to me the holiday is more for children, and I never really felt comfortable prancing around town in a sexy cave girl costume pretending it was normal.

My son was only 6 weeks old on his first Halloween, and I dressed him up like a little Kurt Cobain (very few people got it, but whatever). For his second, I bought him a ridiculous lion costume on Amazon, and though he broke out in a rash from the synthetic fabric, he looked absolutely adorable for about five minutes. Oh, the memories.

Well, it is Chrissy Teigen’s very first Halloween as a mother, and it isn’t surprising that the creative and spunky star has gone all out and gotten her daughter Luna the cutest costumes.

Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

The super model doesn’t just choose one Halloween costume for her little one and every singe outfit change is amazing.

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