Coco Austin Almost Didn’t Plan a Birthday Party for Her Daughter Because of Ice-T

Nov 17, 2016 at 9:54 am |

She's got a point about this, too.

When both of my children turned 1, I threw big birthday bashes for both of them. Sure, it was a lot of planning, stress and pre-party jitters (for me, mostly), but it was worth it as it gave our close friends and family the opportunity to celebrate our children and their milestone birthdays.

But as far as my babies though, the most they got out of it was being able to smash their faces in their birthday cake. But at least we all got it on camera, right?

That’s why celebrity mom Coco Austin – who is the kind of celebrity mom who does everything and ANYTHING for her almost 1-year-old daughter Chanel – couldn’t decide on whether or not she wanted to throw a party for her baby girl until her husband, Ice-T, made this point.

Credit: Instagram / @coco

Credit: Instagram / @coco

Coco Chanel opens up about her daughter’s birthday plans.

Here's what she has to say.