Comedian Puts Her Own Hilarious Spin On Celebrity Instagram Photos!

Apr 18, 2016 at 3:18 pm |

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Do you ever look at celebrity Instagram accounts and get a bit jealous? Do you look at their perfectly gorgeous pictures and wonder why they always look so perfect and glamorous while your own account is basically photos of your kids, pets and the occasional selfie taken from a full arms length away and filtered beyond recognition? (Is this just my own Instagram account?!)

For the past year now, comedian Celeste Barber has been recreating some of the biggest celebrities very perfect and completely staged ‘candid’ Instagram photos, and the results are incredible. I think her pictures might be better than the originals. Barber has been posting the pictures on her own Instagram account and they’ve only been getting better and better.

Celeste Barber Instagram

Photo Credit: Celeste Barber Instagram

Comedian recreates some of today’s biggest stars Instagram pictures and the results are amazing!

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