Criss Angel’s Inspiring Fight To Save His Son, 2, From Cancer

Sep 5, 2016 at 8:54 am |

The magician is doing everything he can to save his little boy’s life

As a mom, one of my worst nightmare’s is that one of my children will become very sick, especially with something as severe as cancer. That’s why my heart is going out to Criss Angel, who opened up to People this week about his son, Johnny’s struggle with acute lymphoblastic. The now-2-year-old was diagnosed last October, and the magician details their experience so far in an exclusive interview with the magazine.

What he has to say is so moving.

Credit: ABC News

Credit: Instagram / @crissangel

Magician Criss Angel’s son is fighting a battle with cancer and he’s opening up on how he and his son are doing.

Read all about Criss’ experience — and how his son is doing.