Dad Finds Teen’s Secret Alcohol Stash And His Response Is Too Good

Jul 4, 2016 at 12:42 pm |

Can you say parenting goals?!

There are a few stages in parenting that are harder than others. For me, the first six weeks were so hard I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into. But, as my kids are getting older, I’m now wondering what the teenage stage of life is going to be like. Will it be more challenging than those first few weeks?

As I brace myself for it, when I come across some solid parenting advice, I take notice because I’m going to need it. And that’s why what this dad did when he found out his teen had hidden away some alcohol is just too good to not bookmark for later.

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

A dad found his teen daughter’s alcohol stash when she was away on vacation and his response is so epically great, we’re saving it for our kids.

Do you think his response was fair?