Dad Reinvents How You Clean A Toilet After Finding Toddler Chewing On Toilet Brush (Gross!)

Jun 2, 2016 at 1:40 pm |

Why didn't we think of this?!

What’s the one thing in your home you wouldn’t want to find in your kid’s mouth?

That’s right, the toilet brush. The disgusting and germ-filled device whose sole purpose is to scrub filth from the john, then wait around until it’s time to do it again, is probably high on the list of household items you don’t want to double up as a chew toy.

Unfortunately, that exact scenario happened to one inventive uncle who, after discovering his niece chewing on a toilet brush, decided that there MUST be a better way.

Credit: Loogun

A UK inventor designed a new way to clean toilets with a device called the Loogun, aiming to replace gross, ineffective toilet brushes.

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