Dad Writes Powerful Obituary After His Son Dies From Heroin Overdose

Apr 29, 2016 at 2:26 pm |

He owes it to his son.

I am now the parent of a teenager and I can tell you it is completely and utterly terrifying. Even though we have a very open and honest relationship, I worry about the choices she makes when I’m not around. I worry about when she goes to high school next year and the peer pressure she will face. I hope she’ll take the life lessons her father and I have taught her and make good choices.

As parents, we all hope for that, right?

But, as parents, we have to understand that bad things can happen even to our good kids. That’s why William Scannell wrote a powerful obituary for his son, 20-year-old Emmett, after he lost his life to heroin. Because it can happen to anyone.

After losing his 20-year-old son to heroin, a grieving father writes a powerful obituary warning parents that it could happen to them.

Read what this Dad wrote about his son and the powerful impact of drugs.