Daycare Closes Abruptly After 3 Year-Old Found Walking On Busy On Ramp!

Nov 30, 2016 at 2:57 pm |

Thankfully he's ok

It’s never easy to send your child off to daycare, but for most parents they trust and feel confident with the daycare and care provider they have hired.

We do know that things happen at daycares, children get in arguments, maybe there’s a biting incident or a hitting incident, but that’s normally the worst a parent expects. What they don’t expect is that a child can wander from the daycare and begin to walk up a busy on ramp with no one noticing he’s gone, but that’s exactly what happened with one daycare in New Hampshire that has since closed it’s doors.

child found on onramp

Credit: WMUR News

A New Hampshire daycare has closed it’s doors after a 3 year old child was able to wander away, undetected, and found walking on a busy on ramp.

The details are so scary!