Debate Sparks After Mom Group Asks How Often Should Moms Wash Their OWN Clothes

Oct 26, 2016 at 12:00 pm |

The Great Debate

There’s something very odd going on in my house. A few years ago I could manage to do all of our household laundry only one day per week. And then for some reason I was doing it twice a week and now I sometimes find myself doing the laundry every other day. The hamper is always piled with clothes, there’s always a uniform shirt or sock missing or something that needs to be cleaned right away. I mean, there’s only four people in our household but sometimes it does feel like I’m cooking, cleaning and doing laundry for an army of people!

That’s why a new discussion has sparked quite the heated debate online, with some people asking how often you should wash your own clothes. I mean, I know our children’s clothes are a whole different story, considering the fact that they get dirtier more often than we do (unless you’re spending your afternoons rolling in the mud as well), but what about us? How often do you wash your jeans? Your bras? Your tops? Here’s what you need to know.


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One online discussion has generated plenty of comments on how often adults should wash their own clothes.

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