Did Pornography Play a Part in Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnapping?

Aug 23, 2016 at 11:59 am |

Abductor Reenacts Porn on His Victim

At 14-years-old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from the bedroom of her family home while sleeping next to her 9-year-old sister. She disappeared for nine months, and many assumed she would never be found. Her parents relentlessly searched for her, and police eventually located her in the woods less than two miles from her family home. Now, 14 years later, Elizabeth is a intelligent, successful young woman with a family of her own. In an interview given last Friday, Elizabeth revealed what might have fed her nightmarish abduction: pornography.

Elizabeth explained that her captor, Brian David Mitchell, was obsessed with pornography. Elizabeth speculated that this obsession might have played a part in her kidnapping. It certainly made an unthinkably terrible nine months even worse. This porn addiction became a horrifying part of her abduction.

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Source: YouTube @Fight the New Drug

Source: YouTube @Fight the New Drug

In 2003, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her childhood bedroom and held hostage for nine months. 14 years later, she reveals the brutal role pornography played in her abduction.

A shocking, new revelation about the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping.