Disney Has Finally Given Us A Princess With A Realistic Body That We Can All Look Up To

Sep 9, 2016 at 11:14 am |

All hail Moana!

Even though my daughter is no longer in the Disney princess phase of her life (which lasted mostly through pre-school and Kindergarten) we are absolutely stoked about Disney’s new heroine Moana. Even though the movie doesn’t hit theaters until November, she’s already making major waves for being a kick-ass role model that both our sons and daughters can relate too. Because showing courage, love and empathy is something we should all strive for, right?

That’s why we are absolutely in love with Moana, who is a modern action hero who acts and looks just like you would expect her to be. In an entertainment world in which our children don’t have many role models to look up to (especially when it comes to healthy body images), parents are releasing a collective sigh of relief with this Disney princess.

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Strong has always been the new skinny.

Disney has finally given us a princess who looks REAL!