Disney World Now Requires Kids To Get Their Fingers Scanned

Sep 7, 2016 at 1:06 pm |

And parents aren’t sure how to feel about the new move.

Disney World is a magical place on earth that truly feels like a different world. When my family and I were lucky enough to score a steeply discounted trip to Disney, I fulfilled all of my childhood dreams by finally getting to see that Cinderella castle in person.

Our time in Disney felt like we were living in a dream world, mostly because we were. From the moment we stepped on to the Disney property, we entered a world where Disney made the rules. Almost immediately, we received our Disney wristbands, which for the entire duration of our trip, served as our hotel key, park tickets, and portable wallets. Want to ride a ride? Just swipe that wrist. Want to buy a snack? Swipe. Kids need a souvenir? Swipe again. By the end of the trip, my husband and I were practically giddy with the power of our wristband. It was just so darn convenient. And I will tell you that going back home felt like a culture shock. What do you mean I couldn’t pay for my groceries with my wrist anymore? Am I cavewoman?! Is this the dark ages?

And while Disney isn’t getting rid of the magical wristbands anytime soon, they are also adding an added level of security for kids.

Credit: Instagram / @disney

Credit: Instagram / @disney

Disney announced this new change and of course, parents aren’t sure how to feel about the new move.

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