Do You Cut Your Own Hair? You Might Try After Watching This Video!

Mar 7, 2016 at 12:10 pm |

This makeup artist's video of herself cutting her own bangs is going viral!

Two weeks ago I cut my own hair, for the first time, and it wasn’t a disaster. Just before the holidays I got my hair cut for the first time from a new stylist and it was a disaster! I moved a year and a half ago and this was the first time I let this stylist cut my hair (she’s been colouring it for about a year) and it was awful. So awful that when I went home for the holidays I promptly paid my old stylist a visit and had her cut my long hair to a just below the chin lob. I know, it was that bad.



Source: Instagram

A few weeks ago I was out with some friends and asked one of them where she got her hair cut because I really liked her hair. She explained to me that she trims her own bangs and layers using a special kind of scissors. The next week she brought me the scissors and showed me what do and I hesitantly went home and cut my own hair! Now, this wasn’t a major cut, just some thinning out of the bulk (I have a LOT of hair) and adding some face framing bangs, but I did it and I love it and at least I can get by trimming my own hair until I find a new stylist who I trust enough to give me a real cut.

Makeup artist Camila Bravo filmed a video that has recently gone viral showing her cutting her own bangs, and you may be tempted to try for yourself!

Make up artist Camila Bravo will inspire you to cut your own bangs after watching her super easy tutorial!

This is how a makeup artist cut her own bangs.