Does Ivanka Trump Want To Get Into Politics?

Aug 9, 2016 at 9:36 am |

She finally comes clean on her intentions

Ever since Ivanka Trump started campaigning with her father, Republican presidential nominee Donald, there has been chatter about a possible future in politics for the fashion designer, 34. Not only is she super well-spoken, poised and sensational at giving speeches, but she’s also smart and successful in her own right.

In fact, after giving a speech at the Republican National Convention last month, social media was abuzz that Ivanka should be running instead of her dad.

Well, the beautiful blonde has decided to address the possibility of her own campaign in the future.

Credit: Instagram / @ivankatrump

Credit: Instagram / @ivankatrump

After supporting her father at the RNC, social media started sounding off on Ivanka running for office… so is she?

Does Ivanka want to get into politics?