Does Your Daughter Have One Of The Most Popular Names Of 2016 So Far?

Jun 20, 2016 at 11:55 am |

Sophia no longer tops the list!

What’s in a name?!

I was born in the seventies, and at that time everyone was either a Jennifer or a Tracey or a Stephanie or a Kelly (or a Kelli). And while so many of us want to give our children names that never land on the “most popular” name list, sometimes it just happens.

My daughter was born in 2002, long before the name Sophia (or Sofia, as hers is spelled) showed up on the top of any “most popular” baby name list, but just a few years later and it has dominated the baby name charts ever since. I chose the name because I thought it was beautiful and I loved that it gave a nod to my husband’s Italian heritage. I don’t love her name any less because it’s become so popular, although if I were to have her in 2016 vs 2002 I probably would think twice about choosing it in hopes of avoiding 5 Sofia’s in her kindergarten class.

However, while Sophia and the equally popular Emma have reigned as the most popular girls names for the past few years, they have recently been dethroned. Check out the most popular girl names of 2016 so far and let me know if your baby name made the list.


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No more Sophia or Emma! Check out the most popular baby girl names of 2016 so far!

Did your baby name make the list?