Doll That Sounds Like Darth Vader And Lulls Your Baby To Sleep Selling For Crazy Amounts On EBay!

Jul 26, 2016 at 11:01 pm |

This is nuts!

It’s been a while since my kids were babies who needed lulling to sleep, but when they did we basically rocked them in the rocking chair, turned on their mobile that made wave sounds or when really desperate, tried putting them in the car for a trip around the block. We certainly didn’t have any fancy dolls that helped my kids go to and stay asleep!

A new company from Iceland has created a new doll that sounds suspiciously like Darth Vader (whatever works) and it’s become so much in demand that parents are bidding ridiculous prices on eBay just to get their hands on one!

Lulla Doll

Credit: Lulla Doll

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