Drinking Diet Soda During Pregnancy Might Be Hurting Your Baby More Than You Think

May 12, 2016 at 2:09 pm |

Soda might be linked to overweight babies.

I normally almost never drink any sort of caffeinated drinks, yet while I was pregnant with my first daughter all I ever wanted to drink was sprite! And now that I think about it, that’s probably why she asks me if she can order it at restaurants from time to time, too. As hard as I tried to fight my cravings, I just couldn’t help it. I was pregnant and wanted to eat and drink everything in sight!

Well there’s new research that says all of that soda in the womb might have been a BAD thing (oops) as diet soda in pregnancy might be hurting your babies in more ways than one.


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Diet soda mixed with pregnancy might be a recipe for childhood obesity, study suggests.

Does drinking soda while pregnant make babies…. fat?