Emotional Video of Sister Meeting Woman Who Received Her Brother’s Heart

Mar 16, 2016 at 2:11 pm |

Grab the tissues!

The quinceanera is a huge part of many young girl’s lives, so it only made sense that Monique Salinas would want all those she loved with her to celebrate her special day.

Sadly for Monique, her brother Mikey died 10 years earlier in a car crash, but that didn’t stop Monique from telling her mom Melissa Hernandez that she wished he could be there anyway.

Little did Monique know that Melissa had a very special surprise planned for her on her big day. Melissa had arranged for Aubrey Reeves, the young woman who received Mikey’s heart and kidneys to surprise Monique at her quinceanera.


Source: YouTube

After losing her brother 10 years earlier, Monique Salinas finally met the person who received his heart and kidneys.

See how Monique's family gave her the greatest gift!