Evenflo Recalls Over 56,000 Child Seats For Harness Safety Concerns

Mar 1, 2016 at 11:50 am |

Check your car seats


Starting with a baby’s very first journey home from the hospital, parents are responsible for making sure that their kids travel safely. Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in children, and more kids die in automobile crashes than in any other type of unintentional injury.

Protecting  your kids is extremly important and as a parent we spend a lot of time and money researching this.

They make sure we know the importance of child safety seats.  They teach us that using a child safety seat (car seat) is the best protection you can give your child when traveling by car.

Every state in the United States requires that an infant or small child be restrained and with good reason, because child safety seats can reduce the risk of a potentially fatal injury substantially for babies in particular and also for toddlers. But many safety seats are used incorrectly.

When choosing a car seat, we know that there are some important guidelines to keep in mind. The best car seat is not always the most expensive one,  it’s the one that best fits a child’s weight, size, and age, as well as your vehicle.

What happens when they recall a car seat? How do we trust that this company was ever telling us the truth, because there is no room for error when a child is in the car.



evenflo recall

More than 56,000 Evenflo booster seats are being recalled because children can loosen the internal harness. Transitions 3-in-1 Combination Booster seats with model numbers: 34411686, 34411695, and 34411029 are included in the recall. The seats have production dates from December 2014 to January 2016.

Evenflo is recalls over 56,000 Car Seats!