Experts Say Legos are No Longer the Preferred Toy and What’s Taken Over Leaves Them Worried

Nov 15, 2016 at 1:41 pm |

Do your kids still play with Legos?

When it comes to Legos, our family is a big fan. We have a yearly tradition of buying Legos during the holidays so we can just sit around the dining room table and either use instructions to build a creation step-by-step are simply allow our kids to use their Legos as a form of free play. Even as adults, my husband and I love building Legos as in some ways it is a great form of relaxation. In fact, I’ll even call it therapeutic because it allows me to focus on one thing rather than worrying about everything that still needs to get done on my to-do list!

Yet, some experts are worried that Legos might be a toy of the past (God forbid), as more kids are inclined to play with…


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Legos are fighting to capture kids imaginations in this increasingly digitalized world.

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