Famous Blogger Remarries 3 Months After Husband’s Tragic Death

Sep 28, 2016 at 10:50 am |

The Freckled Fox is making waves with announcement of a secret marriage.

Blogging is a world like none other. Even though there is very much a person behind the screen, there is something about putting your personal life up on the squares of Instagram or the posts of a website that make other people think that your life is up for personal scrutiny, judgement, and entertainment.

Because in a way, when you make your life, your kids, and your family your business, it is hard to maintain that degree of separation. A blogger can become a famous figure, just like a celebrity, and be subject to the cruelest forms of gossip and rumors, only minus the comfort of loads of money and an entire publicity team and entourage to support you.

Emily Myers of The Freckled Fox is just such a type of blogger, made famous for her gorgeous hair tutorials, adorable family, and fitness inspiration with her husband of five years, Martin. Martin tragically was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer last year, right after Myers discovered she was pregnant with the couple’s fifth child.

Credit: Instagram / @thefreckledfox

Credit: Instagram / @thefreckledfox

Emily Myers of The Freckled Fox was by her husband’s side through his cancer diagnosis and death and she surprised her followers with secret news.

Find out what happened after Martin’s tragic diagnosis.