Fans Are Convinced There Is A Duggar Baby On The Way

Nov 29, 2016 at 11:22 am |

One of the girls may be expecting!

It seems like every week, another Duggar is pregnant! With so many young married couples in the family and the fact that the family doesn’t believe in birth control, it isn’t surprising that fans of the show are constantly convinced that another baby is on the way. And while one couple in particular has been attracting some major baby chatter over the last month or so, it is seeming very likely that there is in fact, a baby on the way.

Who may be next in line to birth another Duggar baby?

Credit: Instagram / @duggarfam

Credit: Instagram / @duggarfam

Duggar fans are always so observant and they rarely let anything get past them. So, could they be right about this Duggar being pregnant?

Find out which Duggar is facing pregnancy speculation