Farrah Abraham Gets Slammed By Therapist For How She Treats Men

Sep 22, 2016 at 9:34 am |

Dr. Jen lays it down hard on the Teen Mom star

Anyone who watches the television show Teen Mom OG (and embarrassingly enough, I am guilty of this and it is my husband’s fault) knows that Farrah Abraham isn’t exactly soft spoken when it comes to her family, friends, men, producers, other cast members – or anyone at all, actually.

The reality star, who briefly dabbled in porn, has been dating a guy named Simon Saran for two years and their relationship has been the focus of her plot line on the hit MTV show. She speaks to him like she does everyone else, and someone is finally calling her on it.

Hear what therapist Dr Jenn Mann told the star.

Credit: MTV

Credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham spoke to a therapist and she was given feedback that she really didn’t appreciate.

Find out what Dr. Jenn has to say to Farrah