Farrah Abraham Thinks Her Daughter Sophia, 7, Should Be Able To Wear Makeup To School

Aug 10, 2016 at 9:24 am |

Her argument is interesting, to say the least

Farrah Abraham has no problem speaking her mind when it comes to just about anything. No matter how many holes her arguments have in them, she never seems to notice and will relentlessly battle on with everyone from porn stars and costars to producers on her show.

In this episode of Farrah Against the World, the 25-year-old is blasting teachers at her 7-year-old daughter’s school, who allegedly told her not to wear makeup last year. Seems reasonable right? Not to the reality star, who has words to say to those mean educators.

Credit: Instagram / @farrah__abraham

Credit: Instagram / @farrah__abraham

Farrah Abraham says her ‘rights are being violated’ because she’s not allowed to send her kid to school in makeup.

Why does Farrah believe her rights are being violated?