Father Dies Just Days After Giving His Daughter Away In Hospital Wedding

Sep 6, 2016 at 1:04 pm |

Grab the Kleenex!

It is the dream of most girls to have their daddy give them away to their new husband on their wedding day, and Candice Hammonds was no exception. The bride-to-be was forced to make a difficult choice, however, when she learned that her sick father probably wouldn’t live to her set wedding date, which was October 1 of this year.

She and her fiancé, Thomas Burkett, made a last minute decision to have the ceremony a month early when they were given the news that her father’s health had taken a turn for the worst.

And now it’s time to whip out that Kleenex.

Credit: Facebook / Julie Schandolph Photography

Credit: Facebook / Julie Schandolph Photography

A beautiful and tragic story of a dad who passed away after giving his daughter away in a hospital wedding.

A bittersweet story with a range of emotional feels.