Father Left His 5-Year-Old Daughter Outside In Freezing Temperatures Overnight

Oct 20, 2016 at 11:15 am |

Some people are just not meant to be parents!

Every night before my daughter goes to bed, she has a specific routine she goes through before shutting off her bedroom lights. She drinks a glass of water, brushes her teeth, reads a book for about 20 minutes and then asks either my husband or myself to cuddle before she falls asleep. She’s also very specific in wanting her bedroom fan on at a certain speed and her door needs to be cracked a little bit open before we leave. And each and every night she asks, I happily oblige.

Yet, not all parents find that comfort before sleep as important since one father, for some reason or another, completely left his daughter outside during one cold, shivering night. And how she was found is the most shocking part!

child neglect

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One five-year-old girl was left to sleep outside in near-freezing temperatures

How could a parent do this?