Father Of Young Star Of ‘Stranger Things’ Is Demanding A Lot Of Cash From Anyone Who Wants To Represent His Daughter

Oct 5, 2016 at 12:58 pm |

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Stranger Things indeed!

This summer’s smash Netflix original Stranger Things was not only a hit for the streaming network but it basically made stars out of it’s young cast.

Focusing on a group of young misfits who happen across a disoriented and strange young girl who leads them to the discovery of very strange things and why they’re happening, the series is a mix of The Goonies meets the The X-Files, and the young cast couldn’t be more likeable.

Millie Bobby Brown is the young lady who plays the character Eleven in the show, and it seems her father knows she’s a hot commodity right now and he’s making sure she gets every penny she’s worth.


Credit: Netflix

The father of one of Stranger Thing’s breakout stars is asking for a lot of money of anyone who wants to represent his daughter.

See how much her father is asking