Father Stopped On City Bus Because He Doesn’t Look Like His Son

Mar 21, 2016 at 3:18 pm |

Strangers called the police on this Dad for the craziest reason ever!

It started out as just a regular Tuesday for Jason Thompson of Toronto when he decided to take his 4-year old son Xavier to see the movie Zootopia.

Unfortunately for the father and son, they missed the show. But that was just the beginning of their bad day.

While the duo were waiting for the city bus to take them home, someone called the police to report a potential child abduction. The reason — Thompson and his son don’t look alike.

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Photo Credit: Global News

An unbelievable situation after the police were called to investigate a possible child abduction because this Dad doesn’t look like his son.

You'll never believe what happened to this dad trying to take his son to the movie.