Finally! Kiddle’s ‘Child-Friendly’ Search Engine Launched By Google, Blocks Adult-Only Content With Safe Searches

Feb 29, 2016 at 11:27 am |

Kiddle lets your kids surf the internet in the safest way possible.

Better late than never, right guys? Even though we have every filter known on the Internet to block our children from browsing Blac Chyna and Kardashain Instagram photos or lyrics to a Tyga song, I still sometimes feel that they can end up Googling something they shouldn’t be seeing. Thankfully, there’s a new kid-friendly search engine called Kiddle that promises to eliminate every twerk, rump, hump, and outrageously scandalous video no third grader should ever lay their eyes on.

For example, searching the term “boobs” won’t even get you passed the search interface! Kiddle only brings up suitable content using Google safe search, meaning you can go back to watching Ellen on the couch while your kids watch that surprise egg toy video… for the millionth time.

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Source via Tech Times

New search engine Kiddle is a safe place for kids to surf the internet.

You never have to worry about your kids seeing those twerking videos again.