Finally! There’s A New Line Of Emojis Made Specifically For Moms!

Aug 5, 2016 at 11:09 am |

Immediately downloading

Do you use emojis? I’ll admit, I may use the odd smiley face or hand clapping emoji, but for the most part I leave them to my kids to use when texting me, relying on the standard 🙂 to represent my mood, totally showing my age.

I’ve rarely found emojis that suit what I want to say, and even with Apple’s latest release there wasn’t anything that truly represents mom life.

That is, until now!

mom emojis

Credit: Facebook / EmojiMom

Credit: Facebook / EmojiMom

Three women got together and created the most accurate emojis for moms, and we’re downloading them immediately!

"Nothing says, 'I get it,' like a mesh underwear emoji."