Find Out Why Some Parents Insist On Buying Their Kids Smart Watches These Days

Aug 3, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

Outsourced parenting

If there’s one thing that I remind my kids on a daily basis (and even several times a day), it’s to brush their teeth. Clean their room. Feed the dog. Put the dishes away. Put their shoes in the closet. It feels like I’m on constant repeat everyday.

And let me tell you, it drives me BAT SH*T CRAZY.

But that’s what parenting is all about, right? Yes, no or maybe so. Either way, some parents have had enough of constantly reminding their kids to do their expected chores and that’s why they are now relying on smart watches to do all the work for them. Yes, as in giving a toddler a smart watch to remind them to brush their teeth and go to bed on time. Yet, some people are highly critical of this concept as they think it’s a lazy way of ‘outsourcing’ parenting.

octopus watch

Credit: Kickstarter / Octopus Watch

Many parents are buying kids smart watches to remind them to brush their teeth and do household chores.

Is this really necessary?