Forget Pokemon Go, This Mom’s Idea For Chardonnay Go Is The Most Brilliant Thing We’ve Ever Heard Of!

Jul 15, 2016 at 10:03 am |

Someone create this game, stat!

Are your kids obsessed with Pokemon Go yet? Are you obsessed with Pokemon Go yet? My kids have downloaded it and play a bit, but thankfully they haven’t hit the ‘obsessive’ category yet. It also helps that my younger two don’t have data on their iPods so they’re limited to catching Pokemons in my house or anywhere there may be wifi.

I have noticed quite a few kids out and about on their bikes and walking around my neighborhood lately in search of the tiny cartoon creatures, which is actually kind of fun to see.

Well if Pokemon Go isn’t for you, you’re in luck, because a mom from New Jersey has created a new game made specifically for moms — and it’s brilliant!

Credit: Facebook / Dena Blizzard

Credit: Facebook / Dena Blizzard

A New Jersey based mom has come up with her very own version of Pokemon Go for moms and we only wish it were real!

Watch this mom play Chardonnay Go!