Forget The Thigh Gap, Mermaid Thighs Are The Newest Body Positive Trend On Social Media

Oct 24, 2016 at 12:25 pm |

This is so awesome!

As a mother of a teenage girl, I’m always horrified every time I see one of those new body shaming trends become popular on social media.

First there was the thigh gap trend where it became ‘cool’ to post pictures of your thigh gap, then there was collarbone challenge and the belly button challenge and numerous other ‘challenges’ aimed at telling our girls that the ‘skinnier’ you are, the better.

The latest body trend on social media is one parents and kids can embrace, because this time it’s actually supporting body positivity and shutting down body shaming.

Instagram / @chasing.haley

Credit: Instagram / @chasing.haley

Mermaid thighs are the latest body positive trend to show up on social media, and it’s making everyone forget about that thigh gap.

See what mermaid thighs really are—