From Morning Sickness To Cravings, These Maternity Photos Show What Pregnancy Is Really Like

Apr 8, 2016 at 2:55 pm |

I think we can all relate to these

If you’ve ever had a maternity photo shoot done, you’ve no doubt put a lot of thought into your outfit and had your hair and makeup done to make sure you looked your absolute best. After all, we don’t always feel our most beautiful when we’re ready to pop, so many women like to ensure they look their best and feel beautiful in those photos that capture such a special time in their lives.

I have four kids and I’ve never, ever had a maternity photo shoot done. Frankly, I never had the desire to do one either. I wanted nothing to do with posing for pictures and trying to look beautiful when I really just felt like a whale. However, these new photos from Danielle Guenther, a Hoboken, New Jersey photographer titled ‘What the Bump!?’ are exactly the type of pictures I’d pose for!

Danielle Guenther Photography Instagram

Photo Credit: Danielle Guenther Photography Instagram

A photographer captures the reality of pregnancy in a new photo series titled ‘What the Bump?!’.

Take a look at these photos that show what life's really like when you're expecting!