From Silence To Sound, Watch As This Baby Hears For The First Time

May 5, 2016 at 2:54 pm |

Modern technology at work

Let me tell you that this video will give you all the feels!! This heartwarming clip shows Australian couple Michelle and Toby Lever overwhelmed with emotion when a specialist fits their baby Lachlan with a hearing aid.

Lachlan’s hearing problems were discovered during the newborn screening test. Both parents say they felt very fortunate it was detected so early – though the diagnosis was scary. But what happens next was a life-changing moment for the entire family, as I’m sure they didn’t expect to see this happen once little Lachlan hears his parents voices for the very first time.

As much as some parents are against medical intervention (with modern technology, at least), this might just change your mind….


Photo via Leon Lever/YouTube

Watch as this seven-week-old baby gets hearing aids and hears for the very first time.

Watch as the parents cry with happiness… and you will too!