Fuller House Gets A Second Season Order From Netflix!

Mar 2, 2016 at 2:06 pm |

Have Mercy! Get ready for more Fuller House!

I haven’t gotten around to watching ‘Fuller House’ on Netflix yet, but those I know who have watched it either loved it or really didn’t love it (and I’m being polite here:)) But it doesn’t seem to matter that some people found it corny and cheesy, because it’s obviously doing so well that Netflix has ordered a second season already!

The sequel to Full House was released on Netflix on February 26th and caused a huge amount of publicity leading up to the release date, with many die hard ‘Full House’ fans anxious for their favourite family to return to the small screen.


Source: Netflix


Fans of Fuller House can celebrate, Netflix has officially renewed the nostalgic sequel for a second season!

See the stars of Fuller House announce there will be a season 2!