Funny Responses From People Who Have Been Asked If They’re Pregnant… When They’re Not

Sep 16, 2016 at 11:31 am |

How do you respond when someone asks you if you’re pregnant… when you’re not?

When it comes to making small chat in public with strangers, I try to stick with simple subjects like talking about the weather, the cost of grapes or something stupid like how I can’t stop weeds from growing in my lawn. I try to refrain from talking about someone else’s appearance because honestly, it’s just rude and unnecessary.

And plus, it’s none of my business, too. Or anyone’s business for that matter.

Yet one time when I picked up a few quick items at my local Wal Mart, a young teenaged girl at the cashier stopped me in my tracks when she asked me rather cheerfully, “A boy or a girl?” I nearly died and before I could reply, she most likely saw the look on my face and quickly apologized. I’m not overweight by any means, but I did enjoy a post-iced Dunkin Donuts pistachio coffee after my Chipotle burrito that day. I mean, can a girl live a little without feeling mortified over a food baby?!?

Apparently, it’s even happened to the best of us, too. While I was too stunned to say anything quick-witted, here are just a few responses other women gave curious strangers who assumed they were pregnant… when they most certainly weren’t.


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Here’s a list of just some of the responses women give whenever they are asked if they’re pregnant.

How do you respond when someone asks you if you’re pregnant… when you’re not?