Furry Nails Are The Latest Crazy Nail Trend And They’re More Popular Than You Think!

Feb 18, 2016 at 11:57 am |

Just when you thought bubble nails and aquarium nails were as crazy as it gets!

We’ve seen a lot of crazy beauty trends from 2015 – 2016.

We’ve covered the glitter roots trend, rainbow freckles, sunset hair and even coffin nails, but no beauty trend has me shaking my head as much as furry nails do!

That’s right – FURRY NAILS!

To me it kinda looks werewolf-ish and something only to be seen on a runway, but after doing a search for #furrynails on Instagram, I’ve realized that this new trend is way more popular that I thought, or wanted it to be.


 Photo Credit: marshbarscloset Instagram




Adding faux fur to your nails for a ‘furry nail’ effect is actually way more popular than you think!

Keep reading to see just how popular furry nails have become!