Gabrielle Reece Teaches Positive Body Image To Her Daughters

Jul 21, 2016 at 2:03 pm |

“Some of us are bigger, some of us smaller.”

Gabrielle Reece has a long list of occupations on her resume including fashion model and professional volleyball superstar, but the most important “job” is that of being a mom and teaching her daughters to love their bodies.

She, and her husband, professional surfer Laird Hamilton, have three young girls together – Reece Viola Hamilton, 11; Brody Jo Hamilton, 7; and Izabella Hamilton, 19, Laird’s daughter from a previous marriage.

So the pressure is on to raise their girls in a celebrity and social media driven world where perfection is praised above reality.

Credit: Instagram / @gabbyreece

Credit: Instagram / @gabbyreece

Gabrielle Reece shares the important lessons on body image and confidence on to her daughters.

Her message is what we should all be teaching our kids!