Gay Fathers Are Left HORRIFIED After Family Photo Is Used In Anti-Gay Campaigns Around The World

Mar 9, 2016 at 2:45 pm |

This is totally heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, this here shows us that we simply can’t control what happens to a photo once it’s posted on the Internet – no matter how hard we try to protect our image.

BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson of Toronto, Canada are learning this the hard way as their family photo – taken during the birth of their son, Milo, back in July 2014 – is being used in anti-gay campaigns around the world.

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Source: Twitter ~ BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson

The couple first made headlines for the heart-wrenching image of them cradling their newborn son, but now that same photo is being used to bash them as a family.

Unfortunately, what should be a special beautiful moment for this lovely family has been taken and used in one very cruel malicious way.

The couple’s photographer, Lindsay Foster, has even hit back at the negative campaigns using her image.

“I’m pretty easygoing about people using this picture as long as it is for a positive and uplifting reason … and, as long as I get proper credit,’ Lindsay said. ‘[But] it’s against the law [to use the photo in this way].”


A gay couple from Toronto are left horrified after finding out that their family photo is being used to illustrate anti-gay campaigns from around the world.

How would you feel if your family values were criticized?