Heartbreaking Photos Show The Tragic Reality Of Drunk Driving

Apr 1, 2016 at 12:22 pm |

There’s no reason to get behind the wheel after a few drinks.

This heartbreaking story is every parent’s worst nightmare. Marco Muzzo, 29 years old, tore a family apart when he got behind the wheel of his car drunk, causing a horrific crash that killed three children and their grandfather.

Muzzo, who has pleaded guilty to four counts of impaired driving causing death and two of impaired driving causing bodily harm, will serve more than nine years in jail. He also faces a 12-year driving ban.

But, it’s Jennifer Neville-Lake – the mother who lost all three of her children in the crash – that is hurting the most. She said that Muzzo’s actions have completely shattered her world, as she shares her heartache over the loss of her three kids.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Neville-Lake/Facebook

Drunk driver Marco Muzzo was sentences to 10 years behind bars for killing a grandfather and three children.

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