Her Kids Wouldn’t Help Clean The House So This Mom Went On Strike

Oct 17, 2016 at 1:24 pm |

A lot of what moms get done may go unnoticed by their kids -- until the moms stop doing it.

Even though both of my kids are elementary-aged children, I still believe they are old enough to carry out certain tasks around the house, especially when it comes to making my life a little easier. There are days in which I feel like a personal assistant with all the picking up, cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, laundry and cooking that I do. I mean, is it really hard to help a mama out by putting dishes in the sink or putting socks in the hamper?!? (Kill me already!)

I’m sure a lot of stay-at-home parents feel the same way and that’s why one mother decided to go on strike— and the result is pretty darn surprising, too.


Credit: Pixabay

One mother refused to clean her house after nagging her three children for years.

And the result is pretty surprising.