Her Son Has a Rare Genetic Condition So She Relies on Build-a-Bear for His Clothing

Nov 3, 2016 at 12:59 pm |

He is a regular kid but “extra small.”

Matthew Riddle III is seven months old, but when strangers meet him for the first time, they assume he’s a newborn.

“They think that he was just born. We get, ’Was he just born 5 minutes ago?’ Or, ’Was he preemie?’ Or, ’Why is he so small?’” said Jenevieve Cook, Matthew’s mother.

But, she doesn’t shy away from sharing his diagnosis and the creative changes they have come up with since she’s so small.

Credit: Facebook / NowThis

Credit: Facebook / NowThis

A boy with a rare form or dwarfism is so small his mom shops for his clothing at Build-a-Bear.

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