Here’s The Number One Reason Why Your Toddler Is Always Having A Tantrum

Sep 27, 2016 at 11:00 am |

It’s official: your kid’s bratty behavior is all your fault.

I know that this doesn’t apply in every case but I do like to believe that parents are 100 percent responsible for their kids’ bratty behavior. In most cases kids emulate what they see and if you have parents spoiling them to no end, then you shouldn’t be surprised when they end up being difficult little monsters who raise hell when you give them the green M&M and not the red one.

And now it looks like science agrees as there’s a new report that says parents are totally to blame for their toddler’s shitty behavior and their terrible twos.


Toddler Tantrum

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There’s a new report that says parents are to blame for their toddler tantrums.

You made ‘em, here's how you can fix ‘em.