Why Grandparents Should Break All Of Their Rules With Their Grandchildren

Oct 25, 2016 at 10:02 am |

Grandparents are more than just babysitters.

Back when my first child was born, I was a paranoid parent who worried about every time someone touched, held, or attempted to feed or put to sleep my baby. I had such control-freak tendencies that I wouldn’t let anyone make any kind of decision without consulting me first.

But I’ll tell you that eight years, two children, several birthday parties, friends, grades, sports, and a dog, I’m exhausted. And if one of the grandparents out there want to take my kids and spoil them rotten by feeding them junk food and letting them watch non-stop screen time for a weekend, go for it. Trying to play by all of the rules sometimes just isn’t worth it, especially when you feel like throwing the towel in.

Yet, there are some parents out there who make it so difficult for grandparents to babysit, that it makes them feel like they are walking on a minefield with their grandchildren. And should it be that way? Not necessarily and that’s why we are debunking some of the biggest babysitting myths for grandparents right here.


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Sure enough there’s a huge difference between being a parent and grandparent.

Would you agree to any of these rules?