Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Get A Fish Like Dory For Your Child As A Pet

Jun 22, 2016 at 1:22 pm |

The movie is a real threat to their population

Have you seen Finding Dory yet? I’m waiting for the crowds to thin out before I attempt to bring my brood, but I think I’ll only be able to hold them off another week or so.

Millions of us will take our kids to see this much anticipated movie and millions of you will probably go out and try to find a fish that looks just like Dory and Nemo and Marlin to bring home for your child, but National Geographic is making a very important plea with fans of the movie.

Finding Dory Facebook Page

Credit: Facebook / Finding Dory

Here’s why you shouldn’t go and buy your child a ‘Dory’ fish for their fishtank.

Why you shouldn't buy a 'Dory' fish for your child.