9 Hilarious Cartoons That Totally Show What The First Year Of Parenting Is Like

Aug 9, 2016 at 10:05 am |

New mom comics are all of us!

When you’re expecting your first child, there are so many variables you wonder how they’ll play out. Will labor go smoothly? Will your child be born with a full head of hair that will explain the torturous heartburn you’ve been plagued with?

And what will that first year of new parenthood look like? For many new parents, it’s a mix of exactly what you expected with a few surprises swirled it and it’s hard to paint an accurate picture – but this artist totally nails it.

Credit: Facebook / New Mom Comics

Credit: Facebook / New Mom Comics

These “new mom comics” are accurate AF and we can’t stop laughing!

Do you see yourself in these illustrations?