Hilarious ‘Don’t Tell Mom’ Stories Shared By Dads and Their Kids Have Us LOLing

Nov 10, 2016 at 12:30 pm |

Not everything manages to fly under the radar

While I’m sure this probably doesn’t work in everyone’s household, more often than not I’m the disciplinary figure in our family. For some reason my kids get more worried when I am mad then when my husband is mad probably because they know mom’s consequences are a bit different than dad trying to fix everything with bad-aids, ice cream and TV. That’s why I’m pretty sure a lot of things happen to fly under the radar whenever I turn my back or I happen to not be around.

Here are some pretty hilarious ‘don’t tell mom’ stories that dads are sharing (anonymously, of course). And yes, no matter how hard you try to hide the truth… we ALWAYS find out because that’s simply what moms do!


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Dads share their funniest ‘don’t tell mom’ moments with their kids.

Some of these are too funny not to share!