How ‘Finding Dory’ Inspired The Family Of This Micro-Preemie

Jun 28, 2016 at 11:32 am |

Just keep swimmin’

Before the movie was even released, it was clear Finding Dory was going to be a big hit with the children. The character was one of the standouts from Finding Nemo and with all the lovable qualities she has and fun quirks, we all knew we would be in for a good laugh.

But, for one family they had no idea just how much Finding Nemo and Finding Dory would become an integral part of their life when their son was born.

Credit: Facebook / Francis William

Credit: Facebook / Francis William

There’s a touching connection between this micro-preemie and ‘Finding Dory’ that will melt your heart.

They found support from a very unexpected place and it changed everything.